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Mr Yu graphite groupWith the support of everyone,After32Years of experience,From mining、Ore dressing、Trade、Packaging to investment in recent yearsGraphite paper、Sealing material、Low sulfur ultra-thin graphite paper、The tail of circular economy ore hollow bricks, etc,Is a complete energy saving、

Environmental protection、The new material、Indispensable to new energy industry chain technology leader。Enterprises located in jixi、Hegang and Inner Mongolia。


Jixi to forge“The Chinese city of graphite”
To accelerate expansion graphite resource deep processing and industry upgrade northeast net jixi11Month2Day(Xiaoling zhang jixi daily reporter)Jixi is a xing by coal resource-based cities。Over the years,Because with alternating rise and fall of coal industry、The ups and downs,Has given rise to speed up the development of industry、The development of alternative industry momentum。Municipal party committee、The municipal government according to the national and provincial transformation of the mode of development,Adjust the industrial structure,Vigorously develop strategic emerging industries of strategic deployment,The development of graphite industry as the main development direction of transformation and top priority,Vigorously promote the expansion graphite deep processing and industry upgrade,Efforts to build“The Chinese city of graphite”。Westone chicken
2018Brand value evaluation information release in heilongjiang province Mr Yu brand value3.45Hundred million
By the ministry committee in heilongjiang province、Cultural department、Industrial and commercial bureau、Brigade committee、Heilongjiang radio and TV station、Council for the promotion of the brand strategy in heilongjiang province、Heilongjiang institute and other units jointly organized the second heilongjiang brand brand section2018Heilongjiang province brand value information release and longjiang brand festival awards in large TV9Month29In heilongjiang, radio and television2800M hall was held,2018Brand value hundreds of millions of yuan business in heilongjiang province20Strong, etc。2018Countries and brand value evaluation in heilongjiang province,By the China national standardization management committee of the national standardization technical committee brand evaluation,18A specially

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